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Advanced Registry Optimizer Review

What do you do when your Windows computer is driving you insane with error messages, crashes, and slow speeds? Most people would head back to the major electronics retailer or to a computer repair shop, much like you would take a car or truck to the auto garage, and wind up paying hundreds of dollars in premiums that no one can afford.

Even the experts will frequently experience problems with their computers freezing or crashing, that is just the way things work. Advanced Registry Optimizer was designed not only for the most sophisticated user, but the causal user who may not know too much about technology.

Programs like Advanced Registry Optimizer help you avoid costly and time consuming “repairs” by bypassing the tech specialists all together. You can read the Advance Registry Optimizer review below, but we recommend Registry Booster 2011.

Advance Registry Optimizer: Scam?

Despite the rumors of an Advanced Registry Optimizer scam, I decided to give it a test run. ARO is pleasantly easy to use, and even includes a quick-glance meter to monitor your PC’s performance, so you can see that your computer is reaching its full potential with your own two eyes.

The final verdict on Advance Registry Optimizer is that it is NOT A SCAM. It’s actually a simple and very effective tool, but more on that in the ARO 2011 review below. We still recommend Registry Booster over any other product.


Advanced Registry Optimizer Review

ARO 2011 offers great flexibility with the option to manually (and safely) make changes to the Window registry. Or you can take advantage of their automated tools and scheduler to keep your PC running at peak performance, 100% hands-free.

This software was designed specifically to perform on its own, avoiding the confusion of the user who may not know much about computers. Just because you don’t have to pick up your phone for support doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not achieving the most possible performance from this software.

With that being said ARO will not only repair mistakes to the registry of your computer, it will save your time and money. That’s correct! With the software provided you will not only be saving your hard earned money, but you will also preserve the life of your computer.


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The Advanced Registry Optimizer interface certainly isn’t pretty, but it gets the job done, and is easy to navigate. As usual, it’s what is under the hood that really matters, and this is where ARO excels. Advanced Registry Optimizer quickly and safely modifies your computer’s registry and other core functions.

In just a couple of clicks you can optimize your registry, system settings, CPU, and core operating system functions. This will instantly improve PC performance, speeds, and start-up times, and you can scan your entire system 100% free.

The full version of ARO 2011 will run you $29.95, which is a small price to pay, especially in comparison to hiring so-called specialists that charge $75+ an hour. That being said, you can get the same features for much less from the likes of Registry Booster.

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