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Registry Scanner: Scan the Windows Registry for Errors

registry scannerThe windows registry holds information about the configuration of essential components and installed third-party applications on a Windows-based operating system. As such it is a very important portion of your PC’s system. It is a very complex set of instructions for your PC to follow, and these instructions are executed whenever the computer boots and whenever an application launches. The registry can be modified by a variety of programs and also manually by the user. Viruses, worms and malware can also write here. Some malware use the registry to reinstall them whenever the system boots by instructing the computer to reinstall the malicious program by writing registry entries. Thus even disinfection by an antivirus or anti-spyware software can be rendered ineffective by these programs.

A thorough registry cleanup is essential for many reasons. For security reasons mentioned above, a regular registry cleanup is required to stop annoying software from plaguing your computer. Also windows installers and uninstallers may not be so well-written as to write and erase effectively to and from your registry. Improper uninstalls often leave redundant registry entries which clog your registry, and cause your computer to slow down after a long time. Especially programs that are not targeted for a mainstream audience may have an uninstall problem. Many other problems such as broken links in the dynamic link library and shortcut paths can cause failure of application launches. If you frequently install and uninstall programs, chances of registry problems increase since malicious software often piggybacks on legitimate software and sometimes flood the processor with parasite processes at startup, taking up registry space. Also the programs clutter your registry.

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The windows registry is a very delicate part of your computer. Since it stores all configuration data it is a single point of failure. That is, if it fails, the whole system crashes. A corruption in registry entries regarding booting will stop the system from booting. To repair such a corruption usually requires reinstalling your OS. Besides, registry files are very complex. For a typical PC user to modify them could be very risky. The system can be backed up, and tools such as system restore and rescue disks exist, but all these are tedious and not suitable for a dynamic system which changes frequently. Hence it’s best to entrust registry care to a special software designed to do just that.

Here’s where registry cleaners come in. They can scan the complete registry for errors, including invalid entries, malware, broken links and clutter. The registry is too large for a human to analyze it completely. Registry cleaners can fix errors in the registry and make life simple for you.  Registry cleaners are essential for windows operating systems to improve performance, speed and security.

RegistryBooster by UniBlue is an excellent registry cleaner software. It has backup and restore options, so you can restore the registry conditions that existed before a scan and fix operation was done. RegistryBooster is designed to purge your PC of all debris in the registry, including empty and invalid keys. It also removes invalid dynamic link library entries and broken shortcuts. A significant advantage is that it allows you to control startup items, so that you can stop unnecessary software from running at boot. This can improve your startup speed. Its user interface and operation are highly user-friendly, allowing you to schedule scans, build ignore lists and determine whether to handle the repair process on your own. Also you can view the scan process and schedule scans according to your liking and convenience. RegistryBooster by Uniblue is an effective and hassle-free essential tool for windows users. copyright © 2008-2012 All rights reserved.